Why Recycle?

Through mattress recycling, millions of unnecessary pounds of waste can be prevented each year:

  • Over 30 million mattresses are sent to landfills across the country each year!
  • Mattresses range in size from 27 to 60 cubic feet and average 60 lbs.
  • Mattresses decompose slowly in a landfill, often taking over a decade.
  • Mattresses absorb hazardous materials and store flammable pockets of air.
  • If thrown in machinery, mattresses can destroy compacters due to bulkiness and metal coils.

What We Do:

When we first tore a mattress apart, we were surprised by the amount of foam, cotton, felt, wood, and metal that we found. After disassembly, Spring Back’s strength is the ability to source each of these materials to their respective buyers, recycling nearly 100% of each mattress.

So where do these materials go? As each mattress and box spring is deconstructed, each material is separated and baled appropriately. Material buyers then repurpose the scrap, giving new life to each mattress:

  • Our foam, cotton and felt is repurposed into items such as carpet padding
  • Our Steel is melted at a foundry and ultimately repurposed into new items.
  • Our wood is sent to the chipper and repurposed into landscape mulch.

Spring Back Recycling’s goal is not only to eliminate used mattresses entering the landfills, but also to eliminate them from recirculating in the secondary market, creating endless health concerns.