Spring Back Recycling exists to create employment opportunities for disenfranchised men through a sustainable business model of waste diversion.

Creating an alternative to landfills, Spring Back receives mattresses from a wide variety of sources including retailers, universities, hotels, government institutions, and individuals. Once received, a technician will disassemble each mattress. Separating the foam, steel, cotton, felt, and shoddy, the technician places each material in their respective material bailer. Once bailed, the recycled materials are sold to their respective material buyers. Next, each material is re-purposed into familiar products like carpet underlay, insulation, and new metal goods. Spring Back is able to recycle 90%+ of each mattress and box spring received. This process gives new life to old materials that would otherwise occupy valuable landfill space.

Spring Back creates an environment that enables each employee to be a part of a high-functioning team. Our employees gain important work experience with respect to managing people, processes, and time. Additionally, each Spring Back location is partnered with a non-profit organization that can support workers holistically, providing invaluable support as they “spring back” into society.

Currently, there are 5 Spring Back locations resulting in jobs for over 20 men. Additionally, Spring Back recycled over 4 million pounds of recycled material in 2014 alone.

Each center is unique to its community, so please contact your local Spring Back to learn more about its mission and how you can support its efforts. Spring Back hopes to continue its growth throughout the United States. If you believe Spring Back is a good fit for your community, please reach out to us here.