Spring Back Recycling exists to create employment opportunities for disenfranchised men through a sustainable business model of waste diversion. Incorporated as 501(c)3 non-profit organization in April 2012, Spring Back began in the spring of 2010 as a project by the Belmont University Enactus (then Students in Free Enterprise) team who explored mattress recycling as a means of achieving a triple bottom line by serving people, renewing the planet, and sustainably earning a profit. After a year of research, financial modeling, and experimentation, the Enactus team partnered with Belmont Church and their Isaiah 58 ministry to enact its model. The Nashville pilot was a great success: both holistically serving its employees and fully recycling thousands of mattresses, all while making economic sense. Today, Spring Back Recycling is expanding to other communities across the United States to multiply its impact as the first and only social enterprise to recycle mattresses fully. Spring Back hopes to change the way businesses and consumers react to the disenfranchised and to used materials. Rather than discarding people and disposing of waste, Spring Back is redefining recycling.

Each Spring Back Recycling location is unique. Information about the employees served and the operation in your community can be found on its location page. There, you can learn more about recycling your own mattress and the inspiring work our partners do even beyond mattress recycling.