Breaking down mattresses.
Building up lives.
Spring Back Recycling’s goals are to offer disenfranchised men transitional, earned-income, employment opportunities and to create a recycling alternative to repurposing or landfilling used mattresses and box springs.

Why Recycle Mattresses?

Through mattress recycling, millions of unnecessary pounds of waste can be prevented each year.

  • - Over 30 million mattresses are sent to landfills across the country each year!
  • - Mattresses range in size from 27 to 60 cubic feet and average 60 lbs.
  • - Mattresses decompose slowly in a landfill, often taking over a decade.
  • - Mattresses absorb hazardous materials and store flammable pockets of air.

Spring Back Recycling is changing lives and improving the environment in a sustainable way. One mattress at a time.

Over 80,000 mattresses enter US landfills each day. At an average of 60 lbs each, that's a big problem.

Spring back is changing lives and environments in five locations across the country.

Millions of Americans face challenges to getting and keeping employment. The number of people with serious employment barriers is alarming and increasing.

By the Numbers

Mattresses recycled in 2014.
Pounds of mattresses recycled to date.
Disenfranchised men employed.